Pork & Bacon

Plain & Marinated Pork

Summit Meats is proud to carry only the best government-inspected, Western Canadian Pork. In our counter you'll find items like: pork chops, pork back/side ribs, pork roasts, pork shoulder for smoking, pork loin crown roast for that extra special occasion, and marinated pork and kabobs.

Marinated Pork Chops in Saskatoon from Summit Meats

Lathered with flavour & ready for the BBQ

Saskatoon's Best Bacon

We're really proud of the care that goes into making each quality batch of bacon for our customers to cook up. It's certainly a Sunday brunch staple for many of our customers (and staff). Some of our frequently made varieties include:

Summit Regular Bacon
Old fashioned, dry cured bacon
Honey Maple Bacon

Gypsy Bacon
Apple Maple Bacon

Shot of a bunch of bacon lined up on a tray at Summit Meats

Bacon is love that you can eat

Smoked Hams

At varying times throughout the year, you might find hams (smoked and plain) in our counter. We often bring them in for the bigger holiday occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. You can always give us a call to confirm stock and quantity.

Regular Leg Hams
Honey Maple Leg Hams
Smoked Picnic Hams
Smoked Ham Steaks
Boneless Nugget Hams

Smoked Hams in Saskatoon - Summit Meats

Christmas, here we come!