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Top-grade, federally-inspected, and carefully chosen by our butchers, we pride ourselves on having a vast selection of premium beef product for our customers. Whether you're looking for steaks or burgers for the BBQ, a roast for the slow-cooker, or some ground beef for Tacos, we've got you covered!

Beef Grading Overview

In Canada, beef has a grading scale that ranges from E to A & Canada Prime. The higher the rating (A+), the higher the quality of beef. Beef that has a grade of Canada A and above, will have both a quality grade and a yield grade. To learn more about beef grading and quality, visit this link from the Beef Cattle Research Council: Carcass Grading - BCRC

Beef Quality Segregation chart from Summit Meats

Summit Beef Tenderness Scale

Not all steaks are created equal. Some parts of the cow are more tender than others and produce a higher quality product. Tenderloin (Filet Mignon) is going to be your most tender cut, where as a skirt steak from the Plate is going to be the most tough.

Summit Meats Beef Tenderness Scale of Steak Cuts

Beef We Carry

As mentioned above, we strive to only carry top-quality grades of beef at Summit Meats, which include AAA cuts and above. Sometimes, we have to bring in single or AA grades to satisfy product demand, but ensure that our butchers always inspect all beef for quality before it hits our counters. Some of the other selections of beef you'll find in our counters include: 

AAA Black Angus
AAA Dry-Aged
Canada Prime

Certified Angus

Cold Smoked Steaks
Tajima Wagyu
Snake River Farms Wagyu
Satsuma Wagyu