Certified Angus Beef

Saskatoon's Certified Angus Retailer

At Summit Meats we're proud to be a retailer of the Certified Angus Beef Brand. Needing to pass through 10 exacting standards before being awarded the Certified title, these Angus beef are a cut above. We were granted retail status after applying in 2019 & continue to carry their product on a regular basis.

Photo of two Certified Angus steaks sitting atop a wood cutting board with a Certified Angus Beef Brand sign

These Angus are "A Cut Above"

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Why Carry It?

Our push to stock the absolute best quality meat for our customers was a real driver in the decision to apply for and carry a full range of Certified Angus Beef products. Our butchers resonated with their values, beliefs, and standards for quality and really wanted to set the bar high in our industry. Being one of the few retail providers of this product in Saskatoon, we're really proud to be able to promote such great tasting angus beef at our shop.

Photo of some Certified Angus steaks in the counter at Summit Meats

Grilled medium-rare. Yourself?

More Resources

The Certified Angus Beef Brand is very well established and has a plethora of resources available for both retailers and consumers. We always like promoting the great work of the brands we carry whenever possible. Check out some useful links we've pulled from their website here:

Saskatoon Certified Angus Retailer - Summit Meats

Great tasting Angus Beef.

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