Oven-Ready Meals

Always Made Fresh

Made on-location from traditional family recipes, our oven-ready meals are great to have on hand in the freezer at home. We use fresh ingredients, meat/protein from our shop, and always ensure freshness and quality throughout the preparation process. Meals are frozen after they have been prepared for you to purchase.

Christmas Dinner Oven-Ready Meal - Summit Meats

Hungry yet?

A Full Range of Meals

Our team is always pushing the envelope when it comes to creations of our oven-ready meals and summit sides. That's why you'll almost always find a double door freezer packed full with different oven-ready meal options. Some of our customer favourites include:

Summit Lasagna
3 -Cheese Macaroni

Pulled Pork Mac 'n' Cheese
Spicy Jambalaya
Roast Beef or Turkey Dinner

Salisbury Steak

Pizza Pasta Bake

Oven-Ready Meals - Summit Meats

Stock up for your freezer at home!