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Wagyu Beef

Our goal at Summit Meats has always been to provide high-quality product, delicious tasting food, and an excellence in service. So, in late 2020 we made the decision to start carrying a variety of Wagyu to amplify our range of premium beef product.

Pronounced: Waa-gyoo

Wagyu Retailer in Saskatoon - Summit Meats

An elegant experience for your tastebuds.

Snake River Farms

Our Snake River Farms Wagyu is an American crossbreed known for creating an entirely new breed of cattle. Family-founded in the late 1980s, SRF has been perfecting their beef for over 30 years. When available, we carry both the black and gold label SRF in our counter at Summit Meats.

Snake River Farms Wagyu in Saskatoon - Summit Meats

Reverse seared to perfection.

Satsuma Japanese A5

We also proudly carry Satsuma A5 100% Black Cattle Japanese Wagyu at Summit Meats. This Wagyu has a BMS (beef marbling score) of 11-12, and comes from the Satsuma region in the southern tip of Kyushu Island in Japan. These cattle are grain-fed for over 650 days with roasted soybean as a special ration.

Satsuma A5 Japanese Wagyu in Saskatoon - Summit Meats

A flavour explosion in your mouth.


Finally, the Tajima Wagyu we carry is a blend of Japanese Wagyu and Australian Angus. Although crossbred, this beef still comes at a premium above even the best Canada Prime. It also has a higher fat content (BMS) and packs big, delicious, flavour.

Photo of some Tajima Wagyu steaks from Summit Meats sitting on a tray atop some meat wrapping paper

Delicious is right around the corner.

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This could be your once in a lifetime experience. From butcher to customer, we can say with confidence that these are the best steaks we've ever had. When you're ready to make a purchase and take some home, get in touch with our team or stop by the shop to check out what we've got available in our counter.