Jerky, Sticks, & Snacks

Summit Jerky

Our delicious Jerky comes in a variety of flavours (some common, some more unique), and is pre-packaged in vacuum-sealed bags for your convenience. Some of our customer favourites are:

Original Pepper
Sweet & Spicy
Dr Pepper Jalapeno
Old Fashioned

Premium Jerky in Saskatoon from Summit Meats

Jerky: the perfect snack, whatever the occasion

Sticks & Beer Sausage

We also offer in-store made pepperoni, beer, and other delicious sticks for purchase. Like our jerky, these sticks are vacuum sealed to maintain optimal freshness and are great for a snack at home, a quick grab when you're on the go, or munching on at the next family event. Some of the favourites include:

Dill Pickle Beer
Honey Garlic Pepperoni
Jalapeno Cheddar
Regular + Hot Pepperoni


Honey Garlic Pepperoni Sticks in Saskatoon from Summit Meats

Snack for the road anyone?