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As a full-service butcher shop the choices can seem endless. Stepping through our doors, you'll find a counter stocked with premium grade meats, in-store made sausages, and other dinner favourites like stuffed mushrooms, veggie skewers, and twice-baked (stuffed) potatoes. Our coolers and freezers are loaded with plain and specialty burgers, ready-to-eat meals, meat boxes, bacon, jerky, sausage sticks, and more. Click the boxes below to learn more about some of the product lining our counter and shelves.


Notice Regarding Dietary Restrictions & Allergens

Our team understands how crucial it is for our customers with dietary restrictions, allergies, and Celiac Disease to be able to safely shop and consume our product. As such, our food preparation and packaging are carefully planned to aid in the avoidance of cross-contamination. Here's what you can expect from Summit Meats & Sausage Ltd. in this regard:

- 1 -
Products that are processed with known Gluten contaminants (spices, mixes, wheat, etc.) are run through our equipment AFTER product that should not contain any Gluten.

- 2-
Equipment used to process these products has been thoroughly washed and disinfected in accordance with Public Health and Safety guidelines after use . We do not share equipment/tools between product that may contain Gluten without first ensuring it has been properly cleaned (this aids in eliminating, but does not fully remove the chance for cross-contamination).

- 3 -
Our team is aware of all ingredients that go into our product and can provide full ingredient lists as needed.

- 4-
We are not a certified Gluten Free facility and we do process product with Gluten in the building. We do our best to ensure that product containing gluten is labelled.

Products that contain common allergens (mustard, nuts, soy, etc.) are labelled on our packages as well. 


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