Privacy & Data Policy

Revised: August 1st, 2023

By visiting summitmeats.com ("site"), all corresponding subdomains, and the Summit Meats Mobile App ("app"), you are consenting to our privacy & data policy. This policy does not govern our activity on Facebook, Instagram, Google, or other social channels.

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Policy Overview
Summit Meats & Sausage Ltd. ("Company") ("We") ("Us") is committed to upholding your privacy online. Although just a local Saskatchewan butcher shop based out of Saskatoon, our team wants to ensure that any data or information we may collect from our customers is handled appropriately and not disclosed unduly to outside parties. We have put forward strict company policies around whom can access data provided by customers, and take reasonable steps (within our control and means) to prevent unauthorized access of your information.

The Information We Collect
When connecting to our website (WordPress instance on a DigitalOcean server in Toronto), our server collects some information to prevent abuse of the Site and/or malicious attacks against our infrastructure. We also collect information from visitors to our Site for analytical purposes. Our Site has deployed a Google SiteKit implementation that manages analytics for Us. Google collects and stores certain information about you when you visit our Site. Our Site has also deployed a Facebook Pixel for use with Facebook Ads. Facebook may collect and store certain information about you in this regard.

Contact Methods
We also have multiple methods of contact available to visitors on our Site that will record any information you send when contacting Our Company. We make use of two contact forms located on our App Support page at https://summitmeats.com/app and offer visitors the option of calling our business, or sending us an email to one of our listed email addresses. When you submit information via one of the two contact forms, that information is sent over an encrypted connection to our email inbox. Information contained within this request may be stored until it is no longer needed to fulfill the nature of your support request. Emails sent to our business may be kept and stored in our inbox, and we may write down information from our phone conversations to fulfill your request or better serve you.

Our App is managed by Howell Data Systems Inc., a Canadian technology company. They have developed and published an App on our behalf to both the Google Play and iOS App Stores. This App was developed to provide our Customers with a loyalty experience within Summit Meats & Sausage Ltd. We use Our App to share sales & promotions and let You track your loyalty points. Management members within our Company will have access to certain information you submit in the App. This includes, but may not be limited to your name, phone number, email, and city/postal code. This information is strongly restricted, and we have implemented reasonable safeguards to mitigate the risk of this information being leaked publicly. As we do not have access to the infrastructure deployed by Howell Data Systems Inc., we do not have access to your password. It is hashed in an unreadable form before being sent to their servers. Your information can be deleted from the App at anytime. To do so, please email privacy@summitmeats.com or fill out an information erasure request form by visiting https://summitmeats.com/app.

CCTV / In-Store Recording
For the safety of our customers and staff, we have cameras positioned throughout the inside of our Company location (#3-1418 Central Avenue in Saskatoon). These cameras record the movements of individuals and staff inside of our establishment. These recordings may be used and/or shared with any legal bodies or authorities as required by law or with a valid court order.

How We Use The Information We Collect
We may use the information you provide to us to improve your experience across our Site, App, and in-store at our Company location (#3-1418 Central Avenue in Saskatoon). We may share details you provide when contacting us among members of our staff to fulfill your request. If you register for our App, you will be able to edit your desired communication preferences and tailor which emails you would like to receive from our Company. However, we may be required to contact you regardless of these settings for app-related system administration purposes or to disclose urgent information about our Company.

How We Protect Your Information
This Site mandates an encrypted connection when visitors are connected and we do not offer any materials/images/documents that are not contained within this encrypted connection. Commonly referred to as TLS or Transport Layer Security, the Site is setup with a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate to mitigate risk that your browsing habits while on our website, including the information you send to our team via any contact forms contained on our Site are intercepted maliciously by a third party while in transit. We encourage users to ensure that the website URL contains https:// before summitmeats.com or you are able to see a visible "Lock Icon" beside the URL box at the top of your browser each time you connect to our Site.

Contact Methods
Our email is not hosted in-house on our server, but is secured with strong password policies and two-factor authentication. We ensure that this password and recovery information is routinely maintained to uphold the confidentiality of all email contact requests and to help safeguard it from any potential breach or malicious disclosure. It is best practice to never disclose your PASSWORD or FINANCIAL information (credit card, banking details) to individuals over unencrypted email, contact form, chat, or telephone communications.

Who We Disclose Your Information To
We disclose any information, App details, and records (including that of which was communicated to us by a visitor/customer):

1. To comply with the law
2. To protect our rights or the rights of others
3. To enforce our policies

Changes To This Policy
Our Company and the Digital Management & Media Team at Summit Meats will do our best to update and disclose any changes to this policy in a timely manor. Updates will be posted to this page (https://summitmeats.com/privacy). Should you have issues or concerns with the information contained above or want to learn more about any of our data collection policies, you may contact our team directly using the following information:

Summit Meats & Sausage Ltd.
3-1418 Central Avenue
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 2H2

P: 1-306-978-8838
E: privacy@summitmeats.com