Summit Group Fundraising

We've Got You Covered!

Is your school, community organization, or team looking for a new way to fundraise? We've been there in the stands cheering on our team. We've volunteered our time for local community programs. We've been door-to-door fundraising for our school trips. Now it's our turn to help you. 

You Keep

Our Gift Card Fundraising Program puts 15% of all sales back into your organization or group's pocket with a minimum of $500 sold. That means on $500 of gift card sales, you make $75. On $4000 of gift card sales, you'd make $600. You get the idea.

Step 1: Register

Getting started with our program is simple. The first step is to get information about your organization, fundraising goals, and contact information.

Step 2: Contact + Forms

Next, our team will review your fundraising starter form and contact you within a few days. If everything checks out, we'll arrange to get you the fundraising forms for your group so that you can begin selling. Note that we may need 2 weeks' notice to get more gift cards ordered.

Step 3: You Start Selling

Once you've got the order forms for our gift cards, you can start selling! You can contact our team at any time during your fundraising campaign if you have questions or need some support.

Step 4: Sales Are Tallied

At the end of your selling-spree, we'll work with your group/organization to tally the totals and get some of the administrative tasks out of the way. 

Step 5: Payments Made

Once we've sorted out the administrative side of the fundraising you did, you'll pay us the total sales minus your 15% cut and will snag a photo (optional) for both of our social media pages.

Ready to Get Fundraising?

Download and fill out our starter form and then email it to us. We'll also accept paper copies brought in to the shop.