Fresh23 - Sausage Coupon

Terms and Conditions

Looks like you received one of our coupons in the mail and were curious about the terms and conditions of using it. No fancy jargon here, just a few restrictions and things we wanted you to be aware of.

1. This coupon is not valid after the date of expiry printed on the bottom

2. You must bring the coupon in with you to the store for the offer to be valid

3. This coupon is only valid for the item listed on the back of the coupon (Fresh Sausage)

4. You can buy as much or as little fresh sausage as you like and apply the coupon to that purchase

5. This coupon is not valid in conjunction with any other coupons

6. This coupon is only valid at Summit Meats & Sausage Ltd. in Saskatoon, SK